How to set up ZOOM

How To Setup Zoom!

Setting Up On a Mobile Device

  • You do not need a Zoom account (but please know that accounts are free).
  • For a smart phone or tablet, look for the Zoom app in the app store and download.
    • “Zoom Cloud Meetings”–it’s free.
    • “Zoom for Blackberry” for Blackberry users–also free.
  • When it’s time for the meeting, click the link in the email invite you received.
  • Check your audio and video settings
Setting Up On a Computer
  • You do not need a Zoom account (but please know that accounts are free).
  • When it’s time for the meeting, click the link in the email invite you received.
  • When prompted, download Zoom to your computer and install.
  • When it’s time for the meeting, just click the link in the email.
  • Check your audio and video settings


  • You can choose to use video, or not. Everyone will be muted when you enter the virtual meeting room (so you don’t have to worry about that).
  • We will open the room 5 minutes before any event, so feel free to come in early to test you’ve got the log-in set-up right!

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Volunteer Opportunity

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If you are able to help others that are not able to get out by picking up groceries, medication, etc., please call the church office and leave your name and phone number.

If you are not able to get out and need medicine, food, supplies or equipment, you can call the church office to receive help. The church phone number is (918) 682-3496.

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40 Days in the Word



A very important time in our church is approaching on MARCH 1st.

It's called 40 days in the Word!

What is 40 days in the WORD?

1. 40 days in the Word is a church-wide  "discipleship strategy for all ages."  The purpose is to help our church LOVE, LEARN, and LIVE the Word of God.

2. 40 DITW invites all church members to pray, read, memorize, share, and worship together for 40 days. The actual 40 days in the Word is March 1st to April 10th.

3. The six Sundays of the sermon series will and small groups are 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, and 4/5. (Small groups are different than Home groups)

4. Small groups are ONLY on the six Sundays of DITW.  They start at 6 p.m. in different rooms on the second floor of the adult building.

5. There WILL be childcare and children's activities each Sunday night from 5:30 to 7:00 for small groups and home groups.

6. The following items can be picked up at either one of our "40 days in the Word" display tables starting February 16 - March 8th.

- 40 DITW Bundle, includes pen and Sports- and Stadium-style cups ($10)

- 40 DITW workbook ($10)

- Chronological Bible ($10)

- 40 DITW memory verse keychain

- 40 DITW Prayer Guide

- 40 DITW promo pens

- 40 DITW cue card

7. The Preschool and Children will be doing a Bible Study called "All Aboard the Bible Boat" on Sunday nights during this time.

8. The youth will be teaching 40 DITW on Sunday nights.

9. The two 40 DITW display tables are in the HUB and the first floor of the children's building.

10. 40DITW is great for families who can use the scripture memory cards and devotionals to teach their children the importance of including God's Word in their daily lives.

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Solomon warns us in Proverbs 4:23 to “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 23:7 says: “For as one thinks, so he is.” If our concealed places, our hearts and our minds, are not well guarded, we will be unable to discern God’s voice. When they are enamored with idols and substitutes, God’s voice is silenced and the very source of our direction for living is walled off, making our lives almost useless.

Thoughts give birth to words and deeds. Therefore, it is of top priority to control one’s heart and mind. Guard them with great diligence! Saturate your mind with the Word of God, the Bible and in being with others who have a heart to walk after God.

Johnny L. Derouen