Campus Map

Here at FBC Muskogee, we are blessed with a large campus. 
Our campus consists of several buildings, entryways, and parking lots.


Buildings on campus:

  • Children's Building
  • Youth Building
  • Christian Life Center (Gym, game room, racquetball, etc.)
  • Main Sanctuary
  • Adult Education Building (chapel, classrooms, fellowship hall)
  • Main office area (2nd floor between children's and education building)

Main Entries:

  • Youth Building (8th and Boston)
  • Children's Building (7th and Boston)
  • Main Office (7th street)
  • CLC (Boston street)
  • Education Building (Okmulgee)

Parking Areas:

  • Youth Building (Boston St. and at Library)
  • CLC (Boston St. and at Library)
  • Preschool and Children (Boston St. - Look for Portico and playground)
  • Main Sanctuary (7th Street - Currently under renovation)
  • Education Building (Okmulgee - This is mainly a handicap parking area)