Our Mission and History

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Our Approach


The entire focus of First Baptist can be summed up in these four words, "Loving God, Loving Others".  First, Loving God.  Everything we have and are, we received from God.  Our spiritual journey begins as we respond in love to His love for us.  Loving Others is the only reason we are still here after we respond to God's love. Jesus' love for a lost and dying world is made manifest when we reach out to each other, our community, our state, our nation, and our world with that message of love.

First Baptist Church Muskogee, OK

Our Story

First Baptist Muskogee has served generations of families since it was founded in 1890 and the cornerstone for this building was laid in 1904.

First Baptist Church of Muskogee strives to center our beliefs on Jesus Christ and His teachings.  To understand our statement of faith, the following three pieces are vital: 1) We will focus our teachings and church on the non-debatable principles of Scripture/the Bible while leaving freedom for personal convictions related to non-doctrinal issues.  Our highest desire is to live in the light of Biblical principles and remain culturally relevant without sacrificing God's Word. 2) We believe becoming a follower of Jesus requires active participation in the church. 3) We have a Biblical purpose that guides everything we do.  It is found in Matthew 28:19-20.  This purpose/vision drives us at all times even if it means not doing some things that we could do.  Our calling and mission is clear and will guide us into the future.