Bible Study Class Listings

God created us to be unique and each Bible study class is just as unique.  As you are looking for a Bible study class that meets your needs, we encourage you to visit a few different Bible study classes to find the right fit for you.

Our Sunday Morning Bible Study at First Baptist Church Muskogee starts at 9:30 a.m. Most Bible study classes look like this:

  • A social time of talking with other members (maybe with coffee and a snack.)
  • Some announcements of upcoming events at the church or things that are happening that are relevant to your Bible study class.
  • A time of Bible study (including discussion).  Most Bible studies aren't lectures.  The Bible study leader will never embarrass you or attempt to make you feel uncomfortable.  The goal is for our Bible study classes to be a place where members and visitors are able to ask challenging questions about Scripture and its application to our lives.
  • Dismiss.  Most of the classes dismiss around 10:35 so that you can pick up children and make it to worship services.

Here's a list of our Bible study classes and their current locations.

First Baptist Bible Study Schedule
Preschool 9:30
Name Room Leaders
Preschool 1 102 Pearson/Shropshire/Helms
Preschool 2 103 Howard
Preschool 3 104 Miller/Hill
Preschool 5 106 Crownover/Lester
Preschool 7 109 Calavan/Reid/Huston/Lester
Kindergarten 201 Moran/Marshall
Preschool 10:55
An extended session is provided for all children in rooms 102-107.
Children 9:30
Name Room Teacher
1st Grade 203 Eaton/Shipman
2nd Grade 208 Wood/Pearson
3rd Grade 206 Prado/Raley
4th Boys 205 Lee/Davis
4th Girls 307 Bowman/Cox/Little
5th Grade 306 Pack
6th Grade 301 Ford/Fry/Lester
Youth 9:30
All Youth Classes will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the Jefferson Building
Young Adult (18-39)
Name Room Leaders
Happily Ever After 304A Dansby/Branan
Known 304D Davis/Shelby
The Gathering Third Floor Stadium Murray/Wood
College & Career Christian Life Center (CLC) Hill/Wheeler/Jones
Median Adult  (40-64)
Name Room Leaders
Friends 213B Updike/Faulk/Finerty/Stout
Carter 213A Carter/Grober
Fireproof 214 Coburn/Branan
The Messengers 215 Cross/Galluzzi
Faithwalkers 217 Calavan/Osborne/Bell
The Journey Conference Room B Butler
Senior Adult (65+)
Name Room Leaders
Higher Ground 114 Dotson/Benge
Firm Foundation 115 Allen/Hughes
Seekers 116 Clouse/Casey
Wisdom Seekers 210 Wise/Hoffman
His/Hers 212 Ladd/Hendrix/Ewing
Faithful Followers 216 Condley/Garrison/Porter
Senior Adult Co-ed 218 Wilkinson/Cupps/Honea/Williams
Life Matters 220 Hiebert/Ezell
Promise Seekers 221 Horton/Powell
Open Classes (All ages)
Name Room Leaders
FBC 101 Parlor Coburn/Branan
Adult Special Joy 113 Beck/Walters
Unforgotten 114A Snellgrove
Single II 120 Jeffries
Men's Class 219 Miller
Vineyard (Women's) CLC Meeting Room (Craft) Jones/Parker
Perfectly Imperfect 302 Jones