Meet the Ministry Staff

The staff at First Baptist Muskogee is here to meet the needs of the people.

Feel free to contact them by e-mail, phone, or in person whenever there is a need.

Gwen Coburn

Business Administrator

Randy Holt

Music Minister

Karen Smith

Christian Life Center Dir

Daniel Foster

Youth Minister

Phil Pack

Community First Director

Debbie Miller

Children's Minister

Meet the Ministry Support Staff

These are the people that get things done!

They support all the ministries of First Baptist Church by helping the ministers and volunteers.


Nancy Shelton

Assistant to the Music Minister

Shavonne Cragg

Childhood Associate
Parent's Day Out Director

Jenni Dunn

Financial Manager

Debbie Babel

Assistant to the Children's Minister

Debbie Jones

 Assistant to the Lead Pastor

Ariel Swanagan

 Assistant to the Youth Minister

Meet the Facilities Support Staff

Behind the scenes, this is the staff that takes care of our building and makes sure it is clean and ready for all of our activities.

Dewey Hammons

Facility Director

Crystal Carter


David Rila

Facility Maintenance

Tasha Moler


Carol Battenfield


Patricia Marnach


Meet the Facilities Kitchen Staff

From our Wednesday night dinners to serving our grieving families, our kitchen staff is ready to help in meeting needs.


Susie Davis

Food Service Director

Doris Yorloff

Kitchen Staff

Walter Williams

Kitchen Staff